The Importance of User Research

November 16, 2019


What do I mean by user research? And why is that important?

If you make business decisions purely off of what you want and like, then you are not considering your audience's perspective (unless you're the ideal person for your own services, but that's probably unlikely).

Don't worry, you're not alone in this. Many businesses base decisions off of their personal preferences.

A great example of this is with their website.

It's very common to hear about what the business wants their website to look and feel like.

But it's rare for those decisions to be based on their audience.

Questions like...

  • How does our design support our users' mindset?
  • What challenges do we make easier based on our design?
  • What decisions are we avoiding because it will be easier for our user's to understand by following industry standards?

Almost every design decision is based more on how one or a handful of people feel about instead of what the user research says.

That sounds more formidable than it actually is.

You may be doing user research already by just talking to your customers.

What are their struggles? How can your business and website support them?

Ideally, if you don't have a large sample size, you should at least base your decisions off of the answers from your best clients.

That way you are more likely to attract similar best-fit clients.

Another option for user research is to include some kind of live chat, chat bot, or form functionality on your website.

Not necessarily to talk and answer questions 24/7. But to have an always available way for current and potential customers to talk to you in their own words.

Listen to what they have to say. And then tailor your product, services, website, and content accordingly.

You'll find your job gets much easier when you really listen.