Do You Need An Updated Website?

November 11, 2019


When is the last time you updated your website?

Not necessarily a full-blown redesign, just added some content. Maybe something that came up in a sales conversation. Or an answer to a common question you are asked.

If you can't remember, it's probably been too long.

Why is that?

Maybe you...

  • Spend your time actually doing the work, and don't have time to add content to your website
  • Find updating your website to be a painful, frustrating experience
  • Aren't sure what content you should be adding to your site

If that sounds familiar, don't worry. You're in good company, because most business owners feel at least one of those burdens.

I don't have time to update my site since I'm actually doing work

You may have heard the phrase "you need to work on your business, not just in it".

That applies just as much to your website as it does to your business itself.

Are you available 24/7 to answer your customer's questions?

If you are, are you answering the same questions over and over?

That's one of many ways your website can make your job easier, freeing up more of your time to do valuable work. But that can't happen if you don't take the time to update your website (or hire someone to work on it with you).

Even if it's just once per week, carve out some time to add new content to your website. Your future self will be grateful.

Updating and adding content to my website is a crummy experience

This situation can be a little harder to manage.

If you're just not sure how to update your site, then some YouTube videos or dedicated training may be able to get you over the hump.

But if your website is stuck in a platform that is just down-right brutal to make changes, then you may need to look into a migrating to another platform or doing a rebuild.

While that can be daunting to consider, the benefit of having full control of your business's digital footprint is too good to pass up.

There are a number of opportunities out there for just about any budget. You just need to know where to look.

I'm not sure what I should be adding to my site

This is the easiest to fix.

Next time you're talking to a potential customer, keep track of the questions they ask you.

Look through your emails and voicemails and jot down the questions people are asking or the "ah-ha!" moments they have when talking to you.

That should give you at least a handful of topics to write about and add to your website.

For some business owners, it feels like forcing customers to come to you with their questions will bolster your expertise in their minds. But that isn't the case.

If your customers can't find the answers to their questions on yoour website, they may not contact you at all.

But when they do find the answer to their questions on your site, then you're a step ahead of your competitors. Not only are you more of a trusted expert in their eyes, but you'll find that the customers you get a more educated and easier to work with.

Because you took the time to give them the information they want prior to talking with you.

Commit to updating your website in the next week

Or at least take steps in that direction if it's going to be a longer process (like a redesign or migration).